Since its beginning in the early 1970's, Shelby & Miguelena committed itself to service. At Shelby & Miguelena we believe that it is imperative that we meet the specific needs of our clients. We look to go above and beyond expectations in providing an unique product, created from a balance of quality, honesty and affordability. Every client and project is treated with the same service and integrity. Moreover, we want your experience with us to be refreshing, joyful and unending. In the late 1960's John Miguelena brought his young family to the Roseburg area in search of settling down in a close knit town. After several years of networking and developing a reputation in the building community John met Lynn Shelby, who had transplanted into the area in the early 70's. Lynn, who had begun construction work and service of his own, paired with John naturally. Immediately they teamed and Shelby & Miguelena Construction Co. was born. From that time on Lynn and John built more than just homes; they built an enduring reputation for service and quality. They have always served the community outside of their occupation and continue to make Douglas County a proud and beautiful place to live.